Trophy Hunting
Travelling with firearms:
Spain has a strict system for firearms, but if we follow few steps, it will be pretty easy to follow.
These are the steps to proceed:

1.Contact the Spanish Consulate of your State and inform them about your hunting trip in Spain. They will provide you a form for you to fill up, where mainly you will have to write your personal data, the firearm information, dates of your hunt, as well as locations (I will provide you this info). You will have to enclose a notarized copy of your passport, as well as a notarized copy of any American hunting licenses, to prove you are able to hunt in your own country. With all this info, they will provide you a certificate which allows you to travel to Spain with your firearm as well as use it for the hunt. You want contact the Spanish Consulate no earlier than 2 months prior the hunt, otherwise they will ignore your request. Please, download a list of the Spanish Consulates clicking here. Regarding the ammo, the U.S. and Spain has contradictory policies of how to handle ammo. Nevertheless, put your ammo (no more than 11 pounds, IATA regulations) in a metallic or plastic box, and pack this one in any of your bags except with the bag that will carry your gun.

2.Once you get the certificate, please, send me a copy of it, for starting the procedures here in Spain. Do not forget to bring the original one to Spain with you!

3.Once you land in Spain, do not expect your gun showing at the luggage claim, the Police will take it directly out of the plane and transfer it to their office at the airport. So once you collect your luggage, cross Customs, you will come to the black sliding doors, and that is where I will be waiting for you.

4.We will walk to the Police Dept., where we will show the Consulate certificate, as well as your original passport. After this, they will give you a temporary permit, which has to go with the gun until you leave the country.

5.Leaving Spain: once again, before checking your luggage we first need to stop at the Police Dept. to declare you will be travelling with a firearm. We will show the temporary permit as well as the flight tickets and your passport. The Police will hand write a form with your flight & firearm info; one copy will stay in the case, and the other is for you to show at the airline counter. The Police will put a blaze tape around your case, to show this case contains a firearm (Spanish Law). Now, this time you need to pack your ammo apart, in the metallic or plastic box you brought from the U.S. Spanish Laws doesn t allow including the ammo with any other piece of luggage. But don t worry; this box doesn t count as a piece of luggage for the airline, so you won t have to pay for an extra piece. Do not forget this, airlines sometimes forget about it.

6.After doing this step, we only need to walk to the airline counter, and check your bags, including your firearm case and ammo box. Someone from handling will show up and after checking the rest of your luggage will take your rifle case & ammo box and take care of it. Some airlines tell you to go with the handling person, who will take you to a scanner machine operated my the Police, they may request to see the last form the Police handed you, and that s it !

I hope you didn t get lost in this explanation. If you have any doubt, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

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