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Beceite Ibex, Fallow Deer & sight seens.

"Heaven might be in Spain"

The view from the property, just south of the heights of the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain, is simply spectacular.

In fact, as we drove into the clearing at the top of the mountain where the centuries old lodge sits, we might have thought we were in Heaven rather than on a hunting trip in Spain.

I am not sure what exactly triggered that thought by both my wife Angela and I.
It might have been the wisps of fog skimming over the meadow, or the deer grazing on it, or the lightness of the air, but later that day we both confessed that Heaven flashed through our minds at the moment of our arrival.

We had been in Spain for a few days already, and had enjoyed some sightseeing in Barcelona, and a wonderful drive from Barcelona north to the Pre-Pyrenees, the property we would hunt first.

On the fifth evening of stalking for deer, Angela made an outstanding shot of 200 yards "plus" at last light on a fantastic European Fallow Deer.

Still having Ibex to deal with, we reluctantly left the Pre-Pyrenees and its Heaven-like appearance to travel south to Valencia to hunt the Beceite sub-species of Ibex.

We stayed at a small inn in the town of La Senia, and hunted in the rugged canyons and peaks of the Beceite Mountains with Bruno and a local landowner. We enjoyed a very long day circumnavigating the canyon on foot, and then hunted another area before returning to the canyon on our final afternoon. Fortunately, we found an old ibex that we were able to take on that last day.

We enjoyed another three days of touring in Barcelona and the surrounding Catalonia countryside. Isabelle took us to a wonderful winery that specializes in Spanish sparkling wine (cava), and to Sitges, a gorgeous seaside town on the Mediterranean. There, with Isabelle's help, we found the perfect blend of paella and local Spanish wine.

Bruno is a very capable guide and wonderful host. Isabelle handled the details of our trip from picking us up at the airport and delivering us to our initial accommodations in Barcelona, to joining us on the first leg of the hunt, and wonderfully preparing the meals at "finca de caza", and always greeting us with a smile. Between the two, clients are well taken care of.

Luckily for us, there are three more sub-species of ibex in Spain to pursue, and we saw some fine Red Stag and Mouflon, which is a good enough reason to visit Spain and to hunt with Bruno & Isabelle again. Besides, who wouldn't want to have another glimpse at Heaven?

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