Trophy Hunting
Our Team

Isabelle Ramage (Tours - France, 1978), Bruno's fiancée, is a vital component to the success of Trophy Hunting Spain. She's been assisting Bruno since 2004 taking care of the office as well as running one of the hunting lodges; in addition she is a superb cook. Isabelle, like Bruno is extremely friendly and outgoing. She takes it upon herself to make sure every detail of every hunt has been addressed and met with perfection. She also guides the non-hunters along the historical places in Spain & France. She has a degree in International Commerce and fluently speaks Castilian Spanish, English and her native French. During the off season she enjoys traveling internationally, decorating and design, as well as trying new recipes for the next season.

Local Guides
Trophy Hunting Spain hires local guides to assist Bruno in the different areas where THS hunts. There is no doubt that you will appreciate their great hunting skills as well as enjoy their company.
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