Trophy Hunting
Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

  Southeastern Ibex
Capra Pyrenaica Hispanica

Smaller and lighter in color than the Beceite and Gredos types, horns forming a circle with the tips growing toward the neck like those of a mouflon. The keel is smooth, making the horns almost round in cross-section.

Big deep canyons, very rocky, which altitude can go up to 9,000 feet high; these are the highes mountains in the peninsula. The mountains and reserves of Tejada-Almijara and Sierra Nevada. 4h South of Madrid.

Season: October 15th - March 31st.

Rut: November.

Difficulty: Besides being the highest mountains in the peninsula, its feasible for most hunters, due to their multiple dirt roads.

Method: Spot & Stalk.

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