Trophy Hunting

Day 1: I will be picking you up the morning of the first day of the hunt, either at the airport or at your hotel in Barcelona. We will drive from Barcelona to the lodge, where we will unpack, put our hunting gear on, have lunch, zero the rifle, and then start hunting until dusk. When dark, we will be coming back to the lodge, where we will have dinner and chat about our impressions of the first day of hunting.

Day 2: Next day we will be waking up around 1h / 1'30h before day light, to be able to have time to shower, have breakfast, and go out hunting on time. We plan to have lunch in the woods. For that I will prepare & pack an assortment of Spanish products as well as bread and snacks. If time & weather permitting, we may have lunch in the lodge or in a close town. After lunch, we will hunt again until dusk.

Day 3: We will be following the same schedule, until we finish the hunt in that particular area. We usually count around 3 days per specie, and if we are hunting for more than one specie and they are found in different areas, we will also have to count the travelling time needed.

Day 4 & more: If we have planned to hunt for another specie in another location, when the first part of the hunt is completed, we will hit to road to go to our next destination and continue with more or less the same schedule. We will be coming back to Barcelona the evening of the last day of the hunt, when we will consider the hunt over. If time permitting, we will do some sightseens during the hunt as well, this way you can enjoy the beauty, history & culture of my country.

Spain Timing & Mileage:

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