Trophy Hunting
Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

  Ronda Ibex
Capra Pyrenaica Hispanica

The smallest type of Spanish ibex with the smallest horns. Overall color is a light brown. The horns resemble those of an Alpine ibex, typically growing upward in a V-shape, then backward with a spiral turn of only 90 degrees. Horn thickness is constant for half the length, then decreases gradually to the broomed tips.

extremely steep, lime stone mountains, up to 4,000. feet high. Ronda mountain range, Malaga province. Around 4'30h from Madrid.

Season: October 15th - March 31st.

Rut: November.

Difficulty: besides not being very high mountains, there are very few dirt roads, and some times requires some light climbing.

Method: Spot & Stalk.

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