Trophy Hunting

  European Mouflon Sheep
Ovis Musimon

(male) Shoulder height 26-30 inches (66-76 cm). Weight 70-100 pounds (32-45 kg). Females are a little smaller. (One of the world's smallest wild sheep, resembling a slim domestic sheep except that it has a normal coat of hair, any wool being concealed beneath. Upper parts are reddish-brown with a pale (almost white) saddle patch in the winter coat. Underparts, rump, lower legs and muzzle are white. There is dark neck ruff but no bib. The horns usually grow in a tight circle, with the tips turned inward toward the face and broomed back to about a three-quarter curl.

Habitat: Steep, wooded mountains near the treeline on Corsica and Sardinia. Has adapted to woodlands and meadows where introduced on Spain.

Season: October 12th - February 8th.

Rut: November.

Difficulty: medium.

Method: Spot & stalk or blind.

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