Trophy Hunting
Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

  Gredos Ibex
Capra Pyrenaica Victoriae

After the Beceite ibex, the Gredos ibex is the largest and darkest in color and has the largest horns. Typically, the horns are lyre-shaped with a pronounced curve and a spiral turn of more than 180 degrees. Horn thickness decreases progressively from the base to the very thin tip.

Impressive, granite stone mountains, with very little forest, which can go up to 7,000 feet high. Mountain range of Gredos. 2h SW of Madrid.

Season: September 15th - March 31st.

Rut: the last 3 weeks of November and the first of December.

Difficulty: mid-high. There are very few dirt roads, so this type of hunt requires long walks throughout these steep mountains.

Method: Spot & Stalk.

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