Trophy Hunting
Flying to Spain


You should fly to Barcelona, Spain. You have many direct flights with several airlines:

  • Delta.
  • American.
  • US Airways.
  • Continental.
If you are planning on using your Miles Program of your preferred airline, please do what ever possible to ensure your point of entry into Spain will be Barcelona. If you fly into Madrid (or any other city in Spain), you will have to clear Customs, and if you are flying with firearms, this could present a problem. There will be no one to assist you in that matter. Whereas, if you fly to Barcelona, I will be there to assist you every step of the way. I DO NOT suggest flying with KLM or Northwest (its partner in the U.S.), both fly through Amsterdam which has a very tough firearm policy.

You can either fly a little earlier and enjoy the sightseens of Barcelona, or you can land the morning of the first day of hunt.

Immigration, Customs & Vaccines:

No vaccines are required to travel to Spain, although Tetanus will be suggested, since we are going to be out in the woods.
Here in Spain both Immigration & Customs are pretty reasonable friendly people.
No visas are required to travel to Spain for American, Mexican, Canadian, and of course European citizens.
We will provide a voucher, just in case this is required by Immigration.
We'll be waiting for you right after Customs, to assist you with the firearm procedures. Please, do not expect your firearm case showing up at the carrousel, most of the times the Police pick it up at the plane and transfer it to the Police Dept., where we will be picking it up and filling out a small amount of paperwork.

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