Trophy Hunting

  Cantabrian Chamois
Rupricapra Pyrenaica Parva

Shoulder height about 28 inches (71 cm). Weight 45-75 pounds (20-34 kg). (The smallest chamois. Smaller and paler than the Pyrenean chamois and with shorter, slimmer horns.

Distribution: Steep mountains & wide open terrain. Mainly rocky with deep cliffs. Altitude up to 8,500 feet. Cantabrian Mountains, around 4h North of Madrid.

Season: from September to the first week of November, and May - June.

Rut: usually from the 2nd week of October to the 2nd week of November. It s a shame that the Regional Wildlife Dept. closes the season when it s the best time to hunt them.

Difficulty: Challenging because requires long walks along these steep mountains.

Method: Spot & stalk.

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