Trophy Hunting
Eurasian Wild Boar

  Eurasian Wild Boar
Sus Scrofa

(male) Shoulder height 30-47 inches (76-119 cm). Weight 150-400 pounds (68-181 kg), sometimes as much as 700 pounds (317 kg). In Spain a big Boar is considered any over 100 kgs. Females are somewhat smaller than males and have much smaller tusks.

Habitat: Woodland. Also agricultural areas with nearby cover. They are mainly nocturnal. Found throughout Spain. I hunt them in several hunting areas.

Season: September - February.

Rut: December - January.

Difficulty: Due to the abundant population of Wild Boar all over, it's not too complicated to hunt one. But to hunt "the one" is another story... The big tuskers are the old daddies which are smarter that anybody else; and they are very cautious.

Method: Blind or driven hunts.

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